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wyoung2153 - Thanks for your advice/ideas. She has had two sets of shots thus far (the vet started her out at 6 weeks.) and one on the way in a couple more weeks. I have avoided other dogs and places they go, as much as possible. And we are waiting on socializing her with other pups until her 3rd round of shots.

carmspack - Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your viewpoint and concern for my pup. However, I didn't get a 5 week old on purpose. If my mom and I did not take Emery and her sister, I do not know what would have happened to them. If she is more work, that is fine with me.

I have made sure she gets plenty of 'peace and quiet' away from the kids, lol. Also, I never meant I was rushing her to places all day long, she has been to those places in the 4 weeks we have had her. And the vet's office was to get her shots, petco was to get supplies for her, etc.

Athena's Mom - I am glad I am not alone then. She was originally from a litterof 9, I was told. So that makes perfect sense. I am glad your doggie is doing so well. That gives me a lot of hope that with time Emery can learn no one is going to take her food away.
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