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First, Hi! Thanks for rescuing that baby girl! She was in need of a good home..

Now down to business. I have not dealt with the food problem before so I'm gonna let other chime in on that. For your puppy's fear of strangers.. I wouldn't QUITE worry worry because she is so little, but there are things you can do to prevent her from getting that way in the future. One is no coddling. When she tail tucks and barks, ignore her. Don't try to reassure her or anything. I would also have the person give her treats when they meet her. Keep in mind too that puppies go through a number of fear phases.. this may be the case and should pass.

Also, while it's great you are trying to socialize be VERY VERY careful this is the age before all her shots and she is susceptible to quite a lot right now.. one recently one here I have been seeing a bunch is Parvo. I would advise you not taking her to public places until she has all her shots. It could honestly save her life.


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