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(Update) Our one on one with a trainer! (moved from general info)

So I thought since my other 2 threads... Was this Aggression, and/or is it fixable? (moved from Gen Info) and Should I continue training? had me going to a one on one.. I would update by starting a new thread instead of updating both seperately.. if you haven't read my others above, and are confused.. read those first (if interested as always )

We had our first ever one on one with a trainer. I really really liked her and she seemed to know her stuff. She has a lot of certifications and success stories and my SAR team lead used to teach with her and spoke very highly of her. Anyways, I was very surprised when she said I did very well training him.. and he was a very very good boy. BUT we just needed to tighten things up a bit. As discussed here I talked about my getting lax with him and not enforcing things as much as I should, she said she could notice a bit. She also corrected me on some habits she noticed when observing us work, which I was thankful for. You do so many things you don't realize when working with your dog.

She sent us home for 2 weeks working on a handful of things. The first is his sit/down-stay with distractions, has a sit/down-stay with no distractions perfect. Working up to an emergency down. We are going to work on his recall as well. Since "come" is spoiled for him, and I use "here" in place of "heel," we are going to introduce "fuss." We got him fitted with a prong collar to enforce his already decent loose leash walking. 75% loose 25% medium tension.. so she thought it would be good for him.. We used it the whole session and it was a miracle worker I tell ya!

We are also going to work on his vocals/protection when people come over/into "his" place (this case it was the training room). This was something that struck me as odd, only because I have never heard of it before but she uses vinegar.. Like in a bottle to spray at them. That's her negative. She basically wants us to use it only in this situation. She said that because he gets so intense when someone comes in the house that he needs something to break that focus and treats/distraction aren't working for us. SO she showed us there, actually, when someone came in the room that Titan wasn't expecting. He started barking and she sprayed him with the vinegar and said "enough!" and he stopped, let out one more bark, she sprayed again said "enough!" and he stopped and didn't do it again.. so it's effective. She told me to research vinegar use in training if I'm uncomfortable with it, so I thought I would ask you guys what you thought. It seemed to work but it's just new to me. I have read that it won't hurt them in any way they just don't like it. I suppose like bitter apple or something?

We did some stay work tonight with distraction and it went VERY well. I had him in a sit-stay and was bouncing a ball all around the room (for those of you unfamiliar... this is Titan's vice... seriously I think would DIE for the ball) but he did fantastic.. staring intently but didn't move. She also said this training will help him when i have guests over and he is too hyper, I can put him in a sit-stay and he won't come out til I release him.

Anyways.. there's my update.. I am very happy with what we talked about. She gave me her number in case I have questions or wanted some advice. Thank you all for the advice and support! It means a lot to me


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