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Need a trainer for my 4 year old "puppybeast" in NYC

Hello all,

I have a great but super hyperactive dog. He's calm....around me. When people come over he barks and barks and barks. Jumps on people , lunges. He's not aggressive but super playful. He also pulls. Boy does he pull. If there is a dog up ahead of us he will pull into he starts to choke himself.
He knows the basic commands such as " wait" = stop walking , " leave it/drop it" and "bedtime" which I use to tell him he has to go in his crate.
And he's scared of EVERYTHING. God forbid he has to go upstairs in a new location. I literally have to DRAG him up . I also kind of want to teach him how to protect me ( I'm a tiny girl with a big dog).
I can travel but I prefer to stay in manhattan in my neighborhood. He. Is great with other dogs .

Any ideas?

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