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Originally Posted by sehrgutcsg View Post
I'm not positive of the reason for this post, but I will say that there's no proof the dogs were ever sick, they may have done the "bait and switch" on you and raised the price. Your vet was correct in his or her suggestion and you got you money back.

My problem with breeder's is not all breeder's match the animal to the owner's capabilities. The screening process goes out the window in lieu of cash. When I wanted a pup, I was delivered an animal the breeder felt and had great confidence that I would be able to handle the dog and it would not be given up or re-homed as it seems to be called now. Recently, a breeder guy said to me, "send me $500 to hold the dog ASAP, no pictures, no purchase agreement, pay $1500 upon delivery and see ya..

Sorry, that is not a good business practice and I let him know, it was not the way I would do business.

Did I mention I'm not a first time GSD owner? lol, I've had 5 in my life and all have been wonderful. Why in the world would she tell me they had parvo the day before delivery? I'm sorry but you're statement doesn't make sense and as for proof, would her vet lie as well to make sure I wouldn't get the dog? And even if she did lie about the parvo, why would she keep the dog for 3 months making him 5 mo old after finally selling him? lol
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