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Rainy day squabbles...(long, pointless narrative)

As a back story, Sofie LOVES, I mean really freaking loves her squeaky toys. She doesn't care much for her Kong, likes raw bones but doesn't obsess, and she is always hilariously careful not to puncture any squeaky toys because she just plain likes the noise. Yann, he just enjoys destroying things. He's creepily efficient at it.

It's nasty out today, and until I take the kids to my mom's so I can walk the pups before I go to work, we can't really get out, so the pups are inside, and I gave them each their favorite toy to keep them occupied for the next couple hours. Sofie got her squeaky ferret, Yann got a frozen chicken thigh. I hear crunching and squeaking in the kitchen and assume all is fine. I'm changing a diaper, when I hear my 2 year old talking to the dogs, but since there's a baby gate up I'm not concerned. There's a strange moment of silence. Then I hear a dog whining. I get the baby strapped into the bouncer and go to investigate, and my toddler informs me, "Mama, I gave Yam ferret! Sofie mad...." It was too late. Sofie made the mistake of sharing her ferret with the people puppy and was betrayed. Within the span of two minutes Yann has successfully dispatched BOTH the squeakers and they had been discarded. Once his work was done, he had no use for it.

Sofie was lying flat on the floor, the remains of her beloved ferret lying on her front paws. Yann was happily crunching away on his now thawed chicken, glad to be rid of the nuisance squeaker. Sofie's still moping in the corner. Looks like our before work walk will be to the pet store to pick out another, because this is just the saddest sight I've ever seen. At least she forgave the toddler and gave her a "hug."

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