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Find a breeder not just based on bloodlines but character of the breeder as well.

Hi everyone, I would like to post about an experience I had with a breeder and help people in their search for a truly good breeder, not just ones that put out good dogs but one that is a good person. Around August of last year, I was in search for a puppy, I finally decided on a breeder about a 6 hour drive from my home. At first she was really nice, but I noticed she put down a lot of other breeders, that should have been sign number 1 for me. We made the trip after the puppies were two weeks old, I wanted a male and out of a litter of 4 there was only 1 male born so it was a given that he would be mine. I fell in love with "my pup", prior to us making the trip there was constant communication. After I gave her the $500 deposit, there was almost no communication. I asked for pictures to see how he was coming along but was met with excuses. The breeder finally called me a week before we were to pick up our puppy and told me she could meet me half way, we were thrilled and couldn't wait. The very next morning she called and said the puppies had parvo and I would have to wait a week before delivery. A week? she told me to get my other dogs vaccinated and all would be well if the pup lived. Wow, I was paying $2000 for a puppy with parvo that might not live? I contacted my vet who advised me not to get the puppy because although some dogs with parvo come out of it fine, there are equally the same amount that have future problems. We decided against getting him and asked her for the deposit back, she blocked me from facebook and email. We got a different puppy from a different breeder and couldn't be happier and can't help but think everything happened for a reason. This breeder was supposed to be a good breeder, she ships her dogs off to Germany for their sv titles. I don't doubt that she puts out good dogs but she is not a good person. When I asked her for the deposit back she said fine, as soon as he sells I'll return your deposit. 3 months later we finally got it back. At least she did that. We were nice, calm and understanding of her situation but was floored later to find out that after the pups illness the price for him didn't decrease but increased to $2200. Did she ever tell the new owners that he had parvo? I don't know, we can only hope so. My point in this message is don't just search for bloodlines of the puppies but also the character of the breeder. Hope this helps somebody out there looking for a good breeder with good character as well.
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