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Congrats! I can't wait to see pics!

We were not dog people, but our daughters will be training for cross country...needed running buddy's! We researched and waited for almost two years. We finally decided to go with shepherds...:-) we have NEVER regretted it! My husband who was against them other than for running buddy's now takes them to the office with him. Everyone has fallen in love and they have completed our family!
I can't image a better dog. Our best friends who are not dog people, got one as well....they fell in love with ours and agreed, they are not like other dogs. I know how much joy they have brought us, even with all of the work...!

It sounds like you are ready to care and love a puppy...! Good luck! They are worth so much more than we give them. I am so excited for you! I guess knowing the love coming your way is part if it....:-) Get ready to never be alone....;-) miles (our male) is my shadow.

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