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Expectant Parent ;)

Hi everyone! Just dropping in to say hello. I've actually been creeping around this forum for quite some time now. Never made an account because it seemed that every time i had a question, it had pretty much already been asked and discussed before! (tells you how great the forum is!).

Anyways, I'll be picking up "König" from the breeder in 14 days! I've bought all my supplies, done my research, set up his crate, been going over training with my family, even got a new Dyson Animal and Roomba just to help manage the shedding.. now the only thing thats missing is the pup

A little about me: My name is Jonathan. I've actually wanted a dog for over 6 years now.. but i was in the Military and it was just never the right time. Finally completed my contract last September and have since looked and looked all over for the right breeder... and finally feel like I found my pup. This will be my first dog, but for a while GSD's became an obsession. During my time in Afghanistan i had a few MP's attached to my squad who had GSD bomb/weapons/protection dogs. One of them actually saved the life of my buddy who lost his leg to an IED. His dog, Emi, sniffed out the bomb, and pulled him away and took most of the blast but he took some shrapnel to his leg. They're both now retired from the Marine Corps and living together. But seeing their work ethic, loyalty, courage, and playfulness (off the clock).. there was no doubt a GSD was the only dog I wanted.

Well, now that i have an account, i hope you guys are ready to get bombarded with some GSD noobie questions! I'll be sure to get pics up as soon as i bring him home.

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