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Basket Muzzle options

Woolf has been using this muzzle - DT Muzzle - a good heavy duty wire basket. He wears it with no problem, that does not mean he likes it, but doesn't fight with it. His vet even likes the muzzle, says it gives him a tough guy macho look - that isn't the image I want to send with this dog. I know, odd thing to say about a GSD but he does that enough with his own antics at times.

I am looking at these 2 muzzles to replace it with- Italian Basket Dog Muzzle Size 7 or Ultra Dog Muzzles . The Italian basket looks like it would have a better fit but I hesitate because there isn't a top strap so I am not real sure just how secure the muzzle would be. The main thing I am looking for is secure, lighter in weight and black (so it won't be such an attention getter - current muzzle seems to draw people in instead of keeping them away).

Any experience with these or other brands/types you recommend instead?
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