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Not sure I agree with the vet.....

When Jack was a puppy he rarely had a firm stool, he was eating Innova. He would have a soft but formed stool and then he would go to pudding consistancy for a few days. BTW he never ate with gusto while on Innova it took me forever to realize he genuinely didn't like it. Somewhere around 10 -11 months we switched to Wellness, Imagine my surprise when he wolfed it down at feeding time. A couple of months later the light bulb went off and I switched to Wellness Core, Chicken. Almost instantly he started having normal stool. A couple of months after that I noticed he seemed to be itchy and I suspected the chicken so I switched to whitefish and the itching ceased. Then last June he had an ear infection so I took him in and they swabbed the ear and tested and said it was yeast. We did two weeks of Mometamax and within a couple of weeks the infection was back, so another round of Mometamax. with the same result, now we are on our second round of Baytril. He went in for his Gastropexy yesterday and while he was under my vet was able to get a good look into his ear and she said it was really bad and she seemed really concerned about the situation.

My vet wants to put him on a prescription diet or for me to cook for him using recipes from using Balance IT Canine supplements for 3 months to see if we have improvement. I'm not sure we are there yet? It seems to me that maybe we should stop all treats and keep the wellness core for 3 months to see if there is improvement. I'm feeling suspicious of the bully sticks that I started buying from Costco at the same time frame as the ear infection starting. He also loves the soft cat food and while it is also wellness core it is chicken or turkey, he doesn't get into a lot of this but maybe what he is getting is enough. There is also the cheese sticks that he loves and whatever the family is feeding him at any given time.

I would love to hear your opinions on this situation, should I follow the vets advice? Is there something else I should be doing? I don't want to go against her directions but my gut is telling me that this seems drastic, am I wrong?

Thank you for your help.
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