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Originally Posted by Sp00ks View Post
It seems Michael Ellis is well liked in these parts. Training positive also seems to get a good review around here. That should get you started.

It is never too early to start training. We got started as soon as we got our pup home. You have likely done some good bonding already with your pups situation. Of course your working on potty training already. I highly suggest crate training.

Find his currency. What is he most excited about? Toy, ball, treats etc. What motivates him right now?

My non-professional advice.
Its so hard to tell what motivates him right now. He likes his toys but im not sure how training would work with those.
Are there any recommended treats for puppies?
He is also doing great on housing training! I take him out about a thousand times a day it feels like but we haven't had an accident in about a week.
Crate training is going ok as well. He is actually currently in his kennel just hanging out. When I brought him home at 5 weeks the only way to get him to not cry was to put him in the kennel with our other dog and that seems to have worked wonders. It also helped our other dog who hated the kennel and will now go willingly into it. They sleep together at night in there and go in together when we leave the house : )

Also I watched the youtube videos of Michael Ellis and I did not like them because it was just advertisement for his DVDs. Does he have any videos on youtube of training or do I have to buy his collection?
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