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Protection...I really like the 360 exercise in SDA, I would include that and possibly other exercises where the handler is turning the dog on, and then off (and the dog is penalized for either not shutting off, or shutting off before told), and similar exercises where the dog must show courage and power but no biting. I think a lot of animals are secure biting/on a sleeve and I like to see them work under pressure without that option. Also I think the friendly greeting and re-friendly greeting at the end are important. I like to see the control.

Obedience....other than the BH being so long a boring I rather like SchH obedience. I might add something like sending the dog out to do some commands at a distance (sit, down, stand) and then maybe a drop-on-recall since I think that's a very important exercise practically speaking (I think being able to platz/down the dog any time at any distance is more important than a recall).

Tracking...I really don't know enough about it to say. Maybe make the lower level tracks a bit longer but not require the handler to always be 33' back? That would suit me well
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