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Originally Posted by hunterisgreat View Post
I agree about tracking, and fight form decoy, and obedience, and randomness. Don't care about agility in so much as I wouldn't grade a large beast of a dog less for being less agile than a tiny wirey dog... the former brings power where the latter cannot, but makes up for with speed/agility.
By agility I didn't mean those weave poles or tunnels or anything, I meant more fighting the decoy in situations that require the dog to be agile, exposing possible nerve, etc. I would't be concerned on time or "beauty" in the dog performing "agility" like tasks, more so...can the dog do it, without freaking out, avoiding, or shutting down. If that makes sense.

"An excess of size is an unserviceable feature for breeding, his powers of endurance, his speed and the smartness of his movements suffer in all circumstances. Giants are never nimble."-Creator of GSD
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