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Question The best chew toy out there

Generally my dogs quickly catch on to the difference between "people toys" and "MY toys." They understand that beenie babies, shoes, remotes, board books, tooth brushes, blankets, socks, matchbox cars, elmo, markers (etc. etc. etc) are off-limits.
We have occasional dives into the trash when it's mistakenly left unguarded, that goes with the territory.

But whence comes this unmatched passion for chewing their brushes and combs?! It comes not from a desire to destroy, for each creature relishes her salon time. The texture of the handle and bristles has been so widely varied across the years, one cannot assume significance. If it were generalized as "mine" because of the aromas and time spent with it, would not then leashes also fall prey to similar fate?

With all the wisdom, experience, and passion on this site, surely someone can end my sleepless nights of wondering?!
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