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Ralphie isn't crated so he has access to all his toys during the day, but on the occasional days that I work from home, he sleeps all day anyway. He's usually not active until the late afternoon. Sometimes I leave him with a stuffed Kong, but I don't think he messes with it much until later in the day. He's usually on the couch sleeping when I leave for work anyway. I tire him out when I get home then we play an intense game of fetch, work on training, long walks (weather permitting) etc. When it's warmer I take him for a quick walk in the morning, too, but since it's been so cold he has no interest in that lol.

I don't know if them sleeping all day is because they're insanely bored or if they do it because that's the schedule they're used to. I believe, on average, dogs usually sleep about 13 hours a day anyway. If Ralphie wanted to play and be active in the morning, he could be. He is definitely more excited and willing to be active when it's warmer outside.

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