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Full time working parents.. suggestions..

Parents of dogs that is... I am gone about 10 hours a day 3 days a week and 8 hours 2 days a week. The BF has virtually the same schedule. For busy busy schedules what are you guys doing to tucker your guys out? Do your dogs just stay home and hang out or do you leave them with things to do?

Titan isn't getting to go to doggy day care anymore and we probably won't be hiring a dog walker any time soon, for various reasons. He sits at home. Which isn't all that bad. He doesn't destroy things, just lays at home. Doesn't seem to do much while were gone but sleep.. which I'm not opposed to. My only concern is him getting the right amount of exercise and stimulation.

I have left Kongs before but once I leave he doesn't usually touch them until I get home again. I have left his favorite marrow bones, that he doesn't seem to touch until I get home either. SO my assumption is he sleeps all day. Which means he is probably insanely bored and I need to exercise him a lot. I'll admit, since I have gotten back and we moved, we have been been worse about his exercise routine and I'm sick of making excuses because we are busy.. I can tell Titan is getting stir crazy so I have to figure something out regardless of my new schedule..

For mornings, until my schedule permits, I was planning on an intense game of fetch for a good while to tucker him out before I leave. 2 days a week I will be able to actually take him for a run in the mornings which will be wonderful. The BF and I are going to start taking him on long walks in the afternoons.. about 3 miles is the route we have found.. and there will likely be a good few games of fetch afterward.. which is all he lives and breathes for, ha.

What are you guys doing, and what are your suggestions? Thanks in advance


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