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Going back to work- advice needed on leaving puppy

Hello, so my puppy Griffin is now 5 months old, and I may be returning to the work force and having to leave him home alone for the day😔. I am trying to figure out the best option for him during the day - wondering what everybody else does when they leave there pups? He is crate trained, and when I leave the house now he happily goes in his crate, but I have never left him for long periods of times. I also have a 6 year golden retriever who is not crated when I leave, and lays in front of Griffin's crate until I get home. I am looking into dog walkers to come by, but don't know how often they should come, etc. also should I attempt to leave him out of his crate yet, or is that worse than leaving him in the crate?!? I am feeling so guilty already!!! Any advice would be appreciated!!!

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