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New Park Photoshoot

I'm feeling bummed out that we actually have a real snowfall this week, when I left my camera at my parents' house. That said, I did take some pictures this last weekend (before it snowed) that turned out nicely, and wanted to share. Not as fun as snow pictures would have been, but I have some new favorites in there!

First, we spent an evening at my friend's place.

The next morning we headed out to the nearby park. It's brand new and while I'm annoyed that they had to tear down "our" secluded fields, it's definitely a nicer spot for pictures.

I don't normally marvel at how nicely he's grown up, but when I do, I don't shut up about it.

Done posing!

There were things to be sniffed.

A lot of things.

All the things.

"Trent" Qodiak vom HausReid - German Shepherd Dog
"Trash" Bite Risk vom Feuergarten - German Shepherd Dog
"Siege" Zala IPO1 - Belgian Malinois
"Legion" Havoc vom Winter Storm - Belgian Malinois
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