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Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee View Post
Interesting how many many dogs used by the USA in WWII were also donated by families to the military.
There is a great book which explores this whole donation aspect on the Japanese side (and was a major source of background information for my article). It also touches on the US side of the equation. I had no idea about these donations until I started my research.

Originally Posted by David Taggart View Post
Seems to me they look like a Kunming wolfdog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on one of photographs - ? Please, tell more about the breed of these three dogs. The dogs' story is interwoven in Japanese history...Are you a historian?
Well, there are sadly no photographs of the three shepherds themselves by virtue of their fame coming posthumously, but it would not surprise me if Kunming wolfdogs were included among the Kwangtung Army's ranks.

The three dogs are recorded as German Shepherds, and as the article says, they were confiscated from the German colonial police at Qingdao (famous for it's Tsingdao beer) following the First World War. They were donated by the National Shepherd Club to the Imperial Army Training Center in Chiba.

I am not a historian - I am an entirely amateur defence/security writer living in Japan and with a family history of GSDs (3 rescues during my childhood and teens) and the military (RAF brat).
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