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Just trying to get some sleep (moved)

So our little Ridley loves to talk, sheís talks when sheís playing, happy, excited, sad, or wants attention. I donít mind it usually because thatís what dogs do. In the morning she lets us know she needs to go outside by whining and barking, no biggie, we let her outside. After we let her out (7 am) we put her back in her crate and I go back to sleep. (I work swing shift and donít get to bed until 2am) So after I put her away she keeps whining until I let her out and feed her but because of my schedule I usually feed her and our Dane later than normal. Our Dane is awesome; he loves his crate and will not make a sound until we get up. We are trying to figure out how to teach her to sleep in later like our Dane. I have even tried to feed her after I let her out but as soon as she goes back in her crate she starts whining again. We also have a roommate so I donít want to just leave her and let her whine and cry until she stops because I donít want to be disrespectful to our roommate. We are thinking about getting a bark collar thatís only for her crate after we let her out but if anyone has any other suggestions let me know.
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