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That's sort of the problem Im running into actually.
Most of the breeders Ive found locally are horribly flawed in some way to where I don't really want to deal with them based on both people who have had personal experience and shared that information with me and pedigree information provided by people who have way more knowledge than I have. (and sometimes just gut feeling )

I have NO faith in my ability to pick a pup. I don't even want to try it Im trying very hard to find a breeder willing to work with what I want.
My problem is having confidence in who Im dealing with and trusting them to pick what I want. I don't want to waste anyone's time, which it often feels like Im doing simply because Im not looking to be the top of the top in any field. I get the feeling like a lot of high level breeders don't want to deal with 'lower level' people such as myself, like it's a waste of their time.

Very possibly that's a wrong impression but it's still prevented me from contacting certain breeders. Even ones that have been recommended by owners.

That and the fact that the majority of breeders who are being recommended are clear across the country.
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