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Breeder by distance

Is there a logic to choosing a breeder by distance? It seems like a lot of people decide by how far the breeder is from them.
I think I may be limiting myself as Im hoping to not go further than one province/state away….but there’s no real reason for that beyond I don’t want to drive further to pick my pup up.

Im not going to hand pick my puppy. Im new to dog sport, I wouldn’t even know what to look for so plan to rely heavily on the breeder to choose for me. Im finding it very frustrating finding a breeder that breeds good dogs with both a solid pedigree and health record.

I may not be looking for a top notch dog but at the same time I want quality. It’s been suggested I settle for a local breeder and that any registered GSD is as good as the next. A fake rolex may look like a rolex but it isn’t going to function the same.

Is it worth it for someone like me…looking for her first working dog to explore IPO, tracking and obedience with (but mostly looking for a full time companion), to stick close to home or should I be willing to ship a dog clear across the country so it can potentially run with me around the neighbourhood and hang out on my couch and cuddle. (I cant guarantee at this point I will pursue any sort of dog sport with enthusiasm as I have no experience with any of it)

Curious what breeders and buyers take is on this issue.

** I think I posted this in the wrong spot originally so this is a duplicate post**
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