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Lefty and Greta


I've posted a few times now, but never introduced myself. I'm the proud mom to two rescue GSDs. Lefty is estimated to be 3 years old and we adopted him just about a year ago. Greta is 1.5 years old and we adopted her only a few months ago.

Lefty is almost the perfect dog. He can be a little anxious and has some leash reactivity, but we are working on it and I think we can overcome that with time, no problem. Greta has some separation issues that are a bummer, but other than that is a very confident, happy pup.

They are almost polar opposites in a lot of respects, which is actually great from a training perspective (for example, I don't have to manage two barking dogs when people come over as Greta could care less). They get along great and it is so fun to see them play together. It takes lots of running around and training sessions to tire them out every day, but they are so much fun. I could not love them more.

Lefty is the black and tan (probably obvious depending on the photo) and Greta is black with brown legs.

Any idea on what line/type of Shepherds they likely are? I figured probably pet lines, but I'm curious what others might think. Lefty is a tall/long Shepherd (he has EPI, but we've got him stable at about 80-83lb). Greta is very petite and is now about 50lb. Some of these pictures are a couple months old so she's put on weight since these photos (she was 40lb when we got her). Also, they don't wear collars around the house or while playing anymore, don't worry!




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