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Originally Posted by mcast051 View Post
So so you think I should change her diet from blue basic turkey diet? Because she doesn't have loose stools, but the itching hadn't stopped. Not sure it's because she hasn't let it heal from the prior food I gave her.
How long has it been since you switched from the new food? If it has been a few weeks and those haven't healed.. I would, one, take her to te vets because she may have a skin infection from itchign so much, and two switch to a fish based food. I actually would suggest (after thinking about it more) Nature's recipe: Salmon, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin. Titan was, and is, so itchy all the time.. He got skin infections all the time. I finally switched to that above, and his skin and fur look wonderful! He was on that for about 2 years with no issue and we have since switched to Fromm Surf and Turf for other health reasons. Even if it's not that one in particular I would try a fish based diet just for the healthy skin part.

Originally Posted by my boy diesel View Post
the turtle and carrot typ3

praying this is a typo...
Ha, I'm guessing it is.. Thinking Turkey, based on the previous post, Haha.. how did I skip over that part??


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