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Default Hello! Schatzi allergic to something, please help!!!

Hello there! I'm new here. I havea 11 month german shepherd named schatzi, she's a beautiful girl. I got her at two months from a breeder and feed her Blue -puppy food for cognition. About 1.5 months ago The store ran out so I decided to get Blue Buffalo for puppies. Almost immediately she got really sick, dirreah and vomit. She had worms even though I had her on Iverhart but the vet have me a dewormer and she no longer has. She had itchy skin and woyld not so scratching especially at night. So when I ran out of that food I decided to get her on Blue Buffalo basic, the turtle and carrot typ3 and she no longer had diarreah or vomit but her itching skin has not cleared! It's only her back legs but it's very scabby and dry and she won't stop. Please advise what I need to do. I went to petsmart and bought her oatmeal shampoo and bathed her to no avail.
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