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FRankly - it would terrify me....

1st thing to worry about is hips....the dam is from an NZ dam...and Boban is the sire of the sire....he produced very poorly for hips and elbows. The cross that produced Boban was done 3 times, and the SV would not allow the cross again. Hip production was very bad. Boban also was the object of a website and discussion forum in Germany for a few years. He failed his koerung because of temperament issues. He was not a pleasant dog and should never have been bred. He was sold to the States and reportedly unhandleable...then passed on a few times.....

He was GORGEOUS....for sure! But he should not have been used for breeding...

Anytime you have a litter that is 'high risk' - you will probably get a few pups that are fine....but you will also get a few that grow up to be - problematic.....and that is why I would pass on this cross....I don't like to gamble that well.


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