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need some perspective on my furry love (new dog in house has changed dynamic)

Hi everyone!

I have had a male Shepard now for almost 3 years and he is my LOVE. This dog followed me everywhere, went to bed when I did, sat where ever I sat, cuddled with me every morning, knows my moods, just really the BEST DOG ever.

Then my hubby brought home a pug. Which is ok, my daughter loves her and I do to EXCEPT

Now my Shepard wont even sleep upstairs with us never mind in our room, never naps with me any more, never comes to wake me up etc.

He likes the little dog, they play, I still show him TONS of affection, he shows he is happy to see me, still sometimes lays near me in the living room, I still exercise him alot.

Not sure what happened to change how he is with me?

The little dog gets into trouble and I know that makes Duke (the Shepard) feel guilty (ex: little dog pees/poops on floor) so I dont know if its that…that Duke doesnt want to get blamed...

I know this all might sound silly to you all but I am seriously really sad about this. I feel like I have hurt him and he doesnt like me anymore.

Anyone have any thoughts? (besides thinking I am ridiculous, lol)


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