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New member from NE Ohio

Hello everyone! My name is Kathleen and I am excited to be a part of this forum. My family is loved by 2 pups - Porter and Maddie.

We rescued Porter, a GSD/Chow mix in 2005 when he was about 3 months old. His whole litter had been left on the road in a cardboard box. He is a very smart 50 pound ball of love with a heart of gold. He is ever watchful of our 2 kids and gentle as can be. We thought of him as a GSD stuck in a Chow's body. We thought we knew it all about the GSD breed from having him, then came Maddie...

Maddie is also a rescue. We spent about 6 months looking and applying for Shepherds through rescues. When we found one listed as good with kids, cats and dogs they either went before I could get an app in, were at a rescue that did not adopt to families with kids under the age of 5, or had some other weird stipulation. Although the volunteers were always helpful and kind, those were some stressful months. Then one night PetFinder popped up a pic of this girl. She immediately melted my heart. So we made the 2 hour drive to the Humane Society of Crawford County, and she joined our family this past June. She is a ball of fire and energy with a heart as loyal as they come, and I'm certain out vet will become rich off of us (spay at 10 months, mysterious shoulder impalement at 12 months, a tweaked shoulder 2 weeks ago... True Shepherd! Lol). We have done no training besides obedience, yet we can tell she would protect us from anything. Her favorite past times are anything that does not involve laying down, unless it is snuggling with us.

If I had to pick my favorite part about her, I would say it is her "fountain of youth" capability. She has turned my little old man in to a puppy again. They run, play and chase each other, the kids, and the poor woodland creatures all over our 3 acre property. I swear their motto is "no deer is too big, no squirrel is too small".

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, and we look forward to talking to you! I hope you enjoy their pics. :-)

New member from NE Ohio-pups1.jpg
1) The PetFinder pic that stole my heart - Maddie at 9 months

New member from NE Ohio-pups2.jpg
2) This was the first night we had her. She is patiently waiting for my 10 month old to throw her ball. He would rather chew on it...

New member from NE Ohio-pups3.jpg
3) Porter, Maddie and my then 4 year old daughter playing in the yard.

New member from NE Ohio-pups4.jpg
4) Maddie snuggling with my daughter

New member from NE Ohio-pups.jpg
5) Maddie and Porter waiting patiently for their treats.
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