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Originally Posted by Loneforce View Post
What kind of kibble? Maybe he doesn't like it. The first thing I test is when the new food comes in, I try and see if the dog will eat a few pieces dry. Let him smell the bag and see if he keeps going back to it. It took many small bags of kibble to find what Jonas likes. He loves Merrick beef grain free. I was starting to worry until I finally found one. It seemed he didn't like anything LOL.
Right now both dogs are on Beef Meal & Rice Diamond Naturals and plan to stay on that brand due to costs. I've tried the Chicken Meal & Rice, Lamb Meal & Rice and Extreme Athlete formulas as well but couldn't notice a difference. I've tried TOTW and then I've had to feed the commercial ones and he reacted the same way to it. Before I decided to even buy Diamond Naturals or TOTW, I tried the samples with them a few times ahead of time to make sure they ate them and they did so I didn't think much of it.

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