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"Kibble" picky

I've been having this issue with getting my dog to eat his kibble when given from day one. I was told not to cater to his finickiness by mixing in canned food or anything extra because he'll come to rely on it every time in order to get what he wants. I have tried that for a while only to discover that he gets sick and throws up bile from not having anything in his stomach. So I've been mixing in about a tbsp. of canned food lately only once a day instead of twice but now he's been only eating some of it and leaving the rest when I do this. He doesn't have problems with any other food, just the kibble I feed him and I've tried more than one already.

Should I stop doing this so he can learn to eat when his bowl is down or find something else like chicken or beef broth to mix in the first meal(I feed 2x a day) so he doesn't make himself sick?

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure what else to do.

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