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OMG eye opener. please keep this going. and yes she is out of the question then. i will not ever put my boy in harms way even if there is a slight chance of it. and or others around.

i will go there again this weekend alone and spend a few hours in day light and out side. i will ask to see all her pups and play with them see others that will fit. if no luck with the others i dont mind waiting another month and search for other breeders if i need to.

knowing my story can any one tell me what i need to look for in a pup? i have the aptitude and obedience aptitude test printed. and will use that.

what should i look for in a pup and what should trigger a red flag?
looks like i have been going at this slights the wrong way then. so happy i posted on here. thank all you guys for all your help and support in advance
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