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Originally Posted by gsdsar View Post

Don't feel you have to buy from this breeder. You don't owe her anything. You do owe your family the right dog, even if that means paying more in the beginning. Worrying about cost now is pointless. Pups are expensive. Trying to save money up front is more likely bite you on the back end later.

Get what you want, all of it.

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if you knew me on a personal level you would know im far from a cheap guy. in fact all my friends think im crazy buying only the best of anything. i can be picky and go back and forth between 2 items for a few days in some cases longer then that but at the end of the day i have no regrets with the TV i got or the car i purchased in fact im proud of it and it makes me happy every time i come home or drive. (small example)

so i hear what your saying. and i want to get a general idea of what all of you think. most of you have lived a life time with your GSDs and who better to ask. i cant compare a thing to a animal. because i cant turn my TV in to something its not. but i can train a dog or try to train a dog for something else.

i agree with you. and thats my plan so far as well to move on. even though it will be hard to consider another pup. i just want to know im not making a mistake by moving to the next one. since i dont know to much about them being pups.

for the rest of you, what is your thoughts? opinions? what would you do in my shoes? every comment is considered and very much appreciated.
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