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After your dog catches a rabbit...

...then what?

I had to cover an early morning shift today, so I was up before the sun. My pup and I were out there in the dark - him waiting while I cleared the snow off my car.

I was wondering why he wasn't pestering me with the frisbee. When I went to my usual tossing spot, there was a rabbit lying there. Not covered in snow, so I assumed my boy caught it and broke the rabbit's neck. Poor little critter.

I ignored it and we carried on with the frisbee. After we were done, I went to move the carcass. Strangely, its head was almost severed. I googled around and it seems that this is what a cat or a coyote will do to a rabbit.

So now I'm wondering: did my dog actually kill the rabbit, or did he find the fresh kill? Or is it just a coincidence that this was were the kill was made? Very odd. I'll never know what really happened, since it was pitch black and snowing so any other tracks wouldn't have been seen.

But have any of your dogs tried to decapitate a rabbit once it was caught? I'm wondering if he did catch it in the first place, but would he start eating it too? He's not raw fed. He lives with a cat and rats - not that this would have much bearing on wildlife. But still...hmm...thoughts?
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