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Breeding confusion

so i am ready to breed my bitch. this will be my first breeding. and yes she is schh 3 and ipo3. with ofa hips a normal.

i reached out to a kennel for a stud. and he has a great stud. he told me to drop of my bitch at the 9 day mark. estrous/standing heat. which i did. but she was not flagging. i left her there for 4 days. (day 9-14)

he told me "they tied" but i really dont know if hes telling the truth. the contract will guarantee that there will be a puppies. if it doesnt happen now, then come back next heat but the thing is. he lives 5 hrs away from my location. i cant simply afford the time to travel to and fro. as i have done 4 times already. and i work full time

so it is now day 17 into the heat cycle. and she is barely beginning to flag.

what should i do?

take her back? or take his word for it and wait?

i can train a dog but i know very little about breeding. any help with be appreciated.
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