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Default Considering creating a blog as a first time GSD owner.

What do you guys think? I have seen so many of the same problems being brought up from new and old GSD owners. I want to include real-time training and solutions/products I have found to be helpful. Our boy is 11 weeks old and he has been putting us through the wringer, but he has made incredible improvements, as have we. I am in no way an expert. I have trained some dogs in the past but the GSD is proving to be a whole other can of worms. I researched the breed for 2 years before I even looked for a breeder and if I'm having trouble, I'm sure others are. I plan on showing my mistakes along the way and giving tips that I found useful. I'm studying to be a biologist and have a passion for graphic design and editing software. So the technical part would be no problem.

Would anyone find it useful?

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