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Zeus would like to introduce his baby sister!

Zeus would like to officially introduce his baby sister Ruby!

Zeus does not leave her alone, sleeps by her xpen and crate. He is learning how to play nice with a puppy. He is a bit too jumpy and too fast and does not understand why she flops and won't keep going. Other than that she is way too confident and hangs off of his face most of the time...

He did give her ALL of his favorite toys

I think he is happy! I slept on the floor by her cage and on his new bad all night. So he took his rough spiky nylabone and placed it on my face... I guess he thinks I needed a chew toy. I woke up with scratches from the bone all over my neck. So considerate, I love him.

We picked her up at 12 weeks, she is very sweet, and follows Zeus to go potty outside! she mimics everything he does.


DSC_2975 by TCgraphicDesign, on Flickr

Ruby {SG1, VP1, VP3 USCA Sieger Show, Kati Von den Oher Tannen} - Red/Black 11-15-2013
Zeus {Ymka Von den Oher Tannen, CGC} - Red/Black 01-07-2013
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