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Change of career dilemma

I may have the opportunity to work with K9 Dogs with a very respected Kennel. It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, who knows.

I currently work for my family. I've been with them for roughly 7 hours. Since I was in high school and now I'm 24 and run all the IT stuff and I'm the only one here that does it.

So I feel its my responsibility to not let them down and put in my time here, maybe one day I'll be running the whole show and be making 6 digits?

I don't mind my job now, its definitely not what I pictured myself doing for the rest of my life. But I make good money and its not hard work. Sometimes its really stressful and they say desk jobs are rough since your chained to your desk all day.

I just bought my first house last year, so I have bills. And I just got engaged, so there will be a wedding next year.

I do not know what they will offer me working for the kennel, but I'm sure its going to be significantly less than I'm making now until I prove myself and work my way up.

My fiancé brings in a steady paycheck but still has a little over a year left of school and then will have her bachelors degree and already has a job lined up, a good job. So I know when that time comes we'll be fine.

But is it worth struggling in the process? Especially with a wedding being planned and all these new changes, sacrifices, etc.

What do you guys think (I need a shoulder or guardian angel) (Beauty school drop out )
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