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Training 6 week old puppy to use pee pads

Well my puppy is only 6 weeks about to be 6 she is probably too young to even learn but if she isn't My first question is how do I teach my little girl to use pee pee pads. I've read about putting her face down to the pee and saying no but I really don't wanna do that . Another way is spray bottle filled with lemon juice I think it was ? Spray her when u catch her in the act . It doesn't sound too bad but how much would the lemon juice Affect her I don't want her to be hurt it to learn . Sorry If this is a noob question. And what do I do if I'm trying to crate train her and she starts crying after 2 mins ? People told me don't let her out cause u the boss not her and if I let her out shell always cry to get out . But she also cries if she gotta use the bathroom so how do I know if she crying to get out and or or crying just to get out ?! Thanks again

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