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Germelhaus Kennels - Texas Breeder

I just wanted to take a few minutes to give a review, so to speak, about my experience. I have already paid my money and have my puppy, so there is no gain or loss to me in any way for this.

I have heard for many years that choosing a good breeder is important to get any breed of dog. When I made my decision for a GSD, I decided to follow that advice. I really researched! I may not know anything to speak of about GSD's, but I know how to use the net to search fairly well. Some breeders that had a fairly big name also had some poor reviews or other bad info on the net. As my search narrowed, I became more interested in Germelhaus Kennels in Princeton, TX. MelloDee Middleton has been in the business of raising GSD's for 30+ years. I found a lot of praise for her, but what surprised me was that I found nothing negative about her or her dogs. How do you run a business 30+ years and not make people mad or put out any inferior products or services? Long story short, I paid a deposit on a pup and then began 5 weeks of almost daily communication with MelloDee. She kept me informed in writing, pics and videos of the litter. I became very happy with my choice of breeders.

When I went to pick up my pup after she was 8 weeks old, I was thoroughly impressed. She spent a good 3 hours with me going over things she felt I needed to know. She not only provided all the paper work expected, but so much more! I really have no reason to make the 260 mile trip again, but I sincerely recommend Germelhaus as a serious consideration for anyone looking for a GSD. I am convinced that MelloDee runs Germelhaus just because of her love for quality, working GSD's.
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