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Is a GSD the right dog for me?

Hello! I came across this forum and saw a lot of useful information! I have been researching about GSD's for a while now and I am considering getting one. I'm considering the GSD because I like bigger breeds, and because of their loyalty, companionship, and energy!

A little about myself, I am a college student at the University of Florida and love dogs ever since I was a child! I have experience with dogs, but not with GSD's! I love the fact that they are so loyal and energetic. I am not planning to use him much for protection but for a companion. I know that the GSD's are typically protective over their owner and I am fine with that!

I am currently living in an apartment at the moment that DO allow dogs, but I just have a few worries. Will my puppy be able to hold his pee for longer than 4 hours? I leave for class at 10AM and return at 2PM Monday/Wednesday/Friday and from 12PM to 2PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I live with my girlfriend and she has access to my room and the puppy whenever. I'm just wondering when she's not home, will the puppy be able to hold it for a little while?

Also, barking might be an issue. I know that when puppies grow up and learn how to bark they won't stop until they're tired! I know exercise will reduce the barking, but I am only able to give the puppy my full attention for a long period of time is after class! I just don't want to get a noise complaint from the people living next door to me!

I do realize in my situation living in an apartment, a GSD may not be the best breed for me since it is an active dog and need a lot of space to run around, but I do plan on giving it plenty of exercise, whether it be walking or playing!

I have read that GSD's may not be a good dogpark dog and that worries me because that was my idea of playing with him and letting him socialize! I planned on walking him to the dog park which is about 2-3 miles from my home and letting him play in the dogpark!

I really do love the breed and want to do as much research as I can before I commit to a wonderful breed!

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