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Default No Stick Hits in the FCI Championships!

So I hear on another forum that the FCI is going to ban stick hits in the upcoming championship and will likely vote them out completely in 2017. I have heard rumblings that the SV (being the gutless organization that it is) has been looking for an excuse to do the same.

Not only this but the I also hear that there will soon be a ban on member dogs being trained with E Collars, that will involve titles being stripped and dogs not allowed to breed for 2 years.

Cant say I am shocked but as IPO is the most common Bite Sport in North America I have to admit that I am sincerely saddened. I have really enjoyed my recent foray into this venue and it does not look like there is anything meaningful that will replace it.

Ring: Not enough clubs or interest more Mal oriented
PSA: Very cool, not enough clubs or trials
SDA: Next to no clubs

I truly hope that the North American IPO organizations will draw a line in the sand and split form the SV but I know thats a pipe dream.

We all know the stick hits where more a formality then true pressure but its the principle and I think the begining of the end when it comes to IPO.

Its to the point where you might as well take up dock diving and call it a day as it will be just as meaningful as an IPO title.
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