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Our shoes

We've had Rudy the Rescue for about 6 weeks, and he is definitely relaxing with us. He is delightful. He was very cautious and never "stole" things before, so I'm happy that he feels he can show his devil side. One behavior puzzles me, and I wonder if this is a GSD thing. If one of us is gone outside, or even in another room and not accessible, he will steal a slipper or shoe from the closet and mouth it while lying outside the front door or closed door. Doesn't destroy it, just slimes it up real good. We have had a conversation about not going in the closet, so now he goes to the front door and selects his slipper or shoe from there. Is this typical behavior? He did also steal an apple, but that was a whole different thing. Previous to the last 2days, he has never counter surfed, never begged or even entered the kitchen when we were eating, and has only stolen that one apple. Maybe I have a false sense of security about the food...
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