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Crying during meals

We adopted a 3.5 YO GSD (male) 2 weeks ago from a shelter. He had previously been adopted into two homes. I'm not sure how long he was adopted out for or how long he'd been in the shelter most recently.

Whenever the family sits down for a meal he paces around the table and cries constantly. He will also nudge and beg for food the whole time. At the shelter he was eating a base of a certain dry dog food that was mixed with all different donated food. We're unable to find the food he was eating at the shelter and we were told to switch him ASAP anyway because it was cheap/crap. We bought him a different food and his BM have been fine. He will avoid eating it for as long as possible, though. he seems to dislike it. I've (probably regrettably) mixed his food with beef/chicken/sweet potato on occasion to get him to eat it.

I don't know if he's crying to just beg and hoping for food or if he's hungry?? He has 1-2 BM/day, but there have been 1-2 days in 2 weeks where he hasn't gone. It seems to me that if he's going he is eating enough, but I'm unsure. Should I try a new brand? any ideas on how to correct his crying/begging behavior? Or should I post that in a different board?

Thanks so much everyone!
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