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Angry Laura keeps running away off leash, help!

Hi, this is my first question on his forum so please forgive me if I'm inexperienced. My German Shepherd, Laura, is an outside dog. She would be an inside dog but she was hit by a car in October and we have a lot of hardwood in our house that she slips on and gets really scared and hurt. Don't worry, she always has blankets, a bed, and a heat lamp on her in the garage during winter. Anyway, we let her out very often because she obviously cannot run around in a cage so we rarely put her on a leash. This off leash play time becomes problematic because SHE RUNS OFF! EVERY TIME! We have a very large backyard with woods in the back and she ALWAYS TAKES OFF IN THE WOODS AND COMES BACK WHEN SHE FEELS LIKE IT! I'll be running around with her and then she'll start taking off, I'll call her and say "Kommen!" (She's been trained in German since we got her at 6/mo) and she turns around and looks at me and just takes off again! Please help! It's very frustrating!
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