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Huge smack in the face from Zelda's Fear Aggression to strangers (vent, shenanigans)

*I apologize in advanced this is my "in the moment" vent on my life shenanigans. (never a good idea is it)
While my brother just arrived home form Iowa, after not seeing him for about half a year or more. And while its my mothers birthday and some realitves are over, Zelda and i are in my room playing tug, getting dinner, and doing some training (and now im on here to write this) I'm staying with Zelda because i worked all day and i feel bad and dont want to stick her back in her kennel so that i can enjoy the company. So we're also going to go for a walk soon here..
Zelda was doing pretty good tonight with just my brother, i was able to easily distract her with my voice, treats and praise and quickly in the same room. She went up and sniffed him from behind a few times and before she could have a say of what she thinks, i had her follow me with commands. My brother moved in and out of the room and the most she did was her alert face, its that face is very particular with strangers.. And anyways, my brother is here for only two weeks, so i am hoping she will warm up quick.
I am worried, and i try not to be.. that Zelda will bite my brother just for looking at her or walking near her or reaching out to pet her. Even though he has been told many times by me no touch, no eye contact, no talking to her unless i say its okay and when. So i guess in a lot of ways Zelda is doing great in that regard, for Zelda! (she is on a leash with her martingale, i have cheese treats on me and my happy-calm voice!)
This is just all a huge smack in the face, the fear aggression that plagues zelda and i, because its hitting me where it hurts, my family.
Now i didn't dare do more than one stranger at a time in our house, as i know that would be way too much for her.. And that is why we are in my room.
I wish there was a facebook group of people with fear aggressive dogs to strangers. Today is a day when i could really use that extra support.. Usually i accept the fact and am fine with not going out with my friends because of her SA and or fear aggression, or not going to a family reunion because i would feel way too bad leaving zelda again after a 9 hour shift at work. I love her very much, but man oh man

Mom of: "Zelda"
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