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Starting to integrate Alerts... Ideas?


Mini Background: 8 month old Dutch Shep doing short blind searches well and has a consistent Z pattern. Neutered Male and a bit too dog oriented in a friendly lets rumble sort of way. We are CARDA members soon to be elevated to apprentice level where the real training starts. This is my first SAR dog.

I wanted to do a people bringsell for obvious reasons (powerful dog) but I have been both talked into and self reasoned into a jump alert. Super easy to train "hit me" as a cue to jump up. So I just started this week integrating it into the Z pattern. We have backed up to short runaways and he is being cued to jump on me, then "show me" and my sponsor has recommended approaching slowly or going off track to get a "yo-yo" on the alerts. I am thinking that since I get a few instances where he looks at me unsure about the alert that I should skip the yo-yo for now and just do a few short runaways until I see that he "gets" it... it being the alert in the Z pattern.

Any other thoughts for now?


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