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Are you doing ANY positive training in the mix when it's quieter?

Cause the DVD Crate Games would maybe help and get bonding going along with all the other training in the mix to start helping with the crate issues.

Also, how do YOU react in the house when your boyfriend is around. Have you accidentally put your dog in charge (not yourself) so Sammie thinks it's up to him to decide what's allowable in the house?

There is also a book called the Dog Listener by Jan Fennell that you may want to buy and read. It's NOT an 'obedience' book, instead it's actually pretty easy things you can change around the house that helps your dog calm down, relax, and learn the humans have got it so he can relax.

Welcome | Jan Fennell the Dog Listener

Plus, I know the tendency when things aren't going the way we expect is to get VERY rigid and obedience based. Entirely sucking any fun out of raising a dog for humans and the dog. And this can really destroy our relationship and future leadership role with our dogs. There can be rules AND fun in the home.

So ACTIVELY working on relationship building, engagement activities and TEACHING TRICKS can make a huge difference in future training.

I do not feel you have gotten a chance to see this link and actively work on the skills described ---> Top Training Expectations for Puppies

The fact is, no matter what behaviors you are seeing, you dog IS still a puppy and if you add alot of the great puppy foundation training you should start seeing a difference.


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