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Can 10 mo female gsd be possessive over owner?

Hi All,
I'm fairly new here, and I'm the one who wrote a few months ago about the 7 mo puppy acting aggressively toward my daughter. Anyway, we found a great trainer. He actually trained my beloved Sammie many, many years ago (he's a breeder/trainer and we got my Sammie from him 18 years ago). We have been going to training and training at home. It is a slow process the way our trainer does it. He first worked with my 34 yo son for many sessions while our whole family watched. Then he "trained" my 30 yo son. Next is my turn, even tho while at home my sons have helped me work/train her on leash. We keep her on a leash at all times in the house as she does seem to have some aggressive tendencies. The trainer says she is "a bully" and knows that if someone is fearful of her (such as my boyfriend and my daughter) she plays on that and barks and scares them. We are teaching her that is unacceptable behavior and it is getting better. However after 8:30 pm, we put her in her crate for the night. When she is in there, she will bark incessently (to where the crate actually moves across the floor) at my boyfriend or daughter. She does respond to "quiet!" and does then quiet down. Also on leash while in our living room, if my boyfriend gets up off the couch to get a drink or go to the bathroom, she gets a "stance" and then barks/growls (but not a really mean growl) then jumps up on him to where he then turns his back on her. She does not bite, but she still mouths. My daughter has not even gotten this far yet, and I am hoping she will soon. Anyway, crazy thing is, she only does this when I am home. If she is crated during the afternoon for a brief period of time (we are doing some renovations at home) or on leash while I am at work (my 30 yo son is in charge of the leash when I'm not there), she is super friendly and doesn't bark at all. Also, when she is outside in the yard, my boyfriend can go up to her, pet her, play fetch with her and she is fine ... When I am home, it is a totally different story and she is a different dog. We weren't able to go to training in the past 3 weeks due to the weather here and her being in heat, so we weren't able to bring it up, but we are going to at the next session. Any ideas why she acts this way? Any help you can give us is very much appreciated.
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