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Default Frank from 8 weeks to 7 months

Frank's registered name is Fortune, and nothing but great things have been happening since I got him. Initially I planned to do SAR with him but not long after he came into my life, I met my trainer at a new facility in the city that isn't far from me where they do everything from pet obedience to detection and PSA. I started some foundation nosework there and attended my first PSA trial and was very impressed. I had never been very attracted to Schutzhund (no knock against IPO; it just wasn't very exciting for me) but the PSA trial really demonstrated how flexible and strong the working relationship between dog and handler had to be since the scene can change at every trial. Frank was doing amazingly well in detection and I decided to go ahead and move forward with explosives detection since I have some personal connections for subcontractor work. Here, SAR dogs cannot do bitework so my path has changed to detection and PSA. Not long after that, I landed an internship at the facility as an apprentice and my life is literally a dream come true. He is very social with people and other dogs and has an aptitude for the work and loves every bit of it - his mom is Deja Vu at Zu Treuen Händen Working German Shepherd Dogs and is sired by Athos von den Wannaer Höhen

8 weeks to 7 months:

~ Fortune zu Treuen Händen "Frank" | Explosives Detection and PSA
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